Can you change your date of birth on your birth certificate?

Can you change your date of birth on your birth certificate?

"No, you cannot modify your birth date," is the quick response. You were born on the date specified on your birth certificate, which serves as proof of your identification. Rewriting official papers to modify your birth date might be considered fraud. For example, if you did not actually be born on that date, then it would be fraudulent to claim that it was.

However, if you are having problems with someone else claiming you as their child, you can file a petition with the court to have your birth date changed. This process is called "baptizing" a child. The court will need to verify that you indeed were not born on the date shown on your original birth certificate and also that you have not already been baptized. If these conditions are met, then your birth date will be changed to match the Bible date of baptism.

Baptism dates are usually recorded in the church records of those who are baptized. If you cannot find this information, then you will need to ask other relatives or friends who may know about your baptism date.

In addition to changing your date of birth, people can also be "born again" during baptism. This means that they receive forgiveness of sins and an eternal life in heaven after dying. No one is forced to be baptized, but only those who want to be joined to Christ will do so.

How can I correct my birth date?

To update your birth date officially, you must petition the court and show sufficient proof that the information on your existing birth certificate is wrong. Judges are hesitant to approve orders to change birth dates, especially if the listed birthdate is incorrect by less than a year. Approval of an order to change your birth date is not a free pass to pick any date between the original filing of the petition and the hearing of it. Courts want to make sure that there are no other legal actions pending based on this request. The court may ask for evidence of who you claim as a parent/guardian or otherwise give reasons why approval of the petition should be granted.

If you are able to provide evidence that the information on your birth certificate is wrong, such as a new birth certificate or Social Security card with the correct date, then the court will usually approve the request. If not, then you will need to file another petition after the initial one has been approved by the judge. It is important to get the date on your official documents in a timely manner so that if they are ever needed as identification, such as a driver's license or student ID, they will still be accurate.

The only other option is to not identify yourself as being born on such-and-such date.

How do I change my date of birth on Steam?

You may modify your date of birth in your Profile Settings under the "Basic data" page. Your new date of birth will be displayed when you log in next time.

Is there a way to change your birth date?

Each state has its own set of rules for updating birth certificates. Some states will amend your birth certificate if you produce an affidavit with proof of your accurate birth date. Others need a court order. Check with your local Department of Health to see what requirements exist for changing your birth date.

How can I change the wrong birthday on my birth certificate?

A date must be included on all birth certificates. Examine everything carefully and completely. If it isn't there, it was done in error, and the government department in charge of it where you reside should be alerted so that it may be fixed at their expense.

Can I change my date of birth on POF?

Unfortunately, as you indicated, you cannot modify your birthday. The only alternative is to establish a new profile with a fictitious birthday. If you notify POF that your birthday is ******, they will ask for your ID, which will reveal your true age. Then they will create a new account for you.

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