How did "sringeri" get its name?

How did "sringeri" get its name?

The name Sringeri is derived from Rishyashringa-giri, a neighboring hill said to have housed Rishi Vibhandaka and his son Rishyashringa's hermitage. Vasishtha recounts how Rishyashringa delivered rain to the drought-stricken kingdom of Romapada in a story from the Ramayana's Bala-Kanda. When King Romapada prayed to Rishyashringa for help, he was answered with showers that brought about an abundant harvest.

Rishyashringa had one hundred sons who all became famous scholars. The eldest son, Ajita, went on to become a teacher of gods and humans. His wife, Tarini, stayed behind in the kingdom of Romapada and bore him another son, named Bhargava, who became a famous scholar himself. After their death, Dharma (the good side of human nature) and Adharma (the bad side) fought a great battle for the soul of Bhargava's body. In the end, Dharma won and took Bhargava's body to be cremated at the foot of Shri Rishyashringa Hill. As soon as the fire died out, Bhargava came back to life! He preached the doctrine of monasticism and lived as a hermit on the banks of the Chikni River.

After hearing about Bhargava's deeds, many people started going to his hermitage to seek his guidance. One such person was a king by the name of Gautama.

Where does the name Srivastava come from?

Indian (northern states): Hindu (Kayasth) name derived from Hindi srivast? V'from Srivasta', based on the name of a Kayasth subgroup. The name Srivasta refers to a historic city in northern India (from Sanskrit srivasta, meaning "abode of wealth").

USA: Name may have originated as a short form of Alexander or Albert. Not related to the surname.

India: Name is derived from Hindu with the meaning of wealthy. First used by the Kayastha community as a surname.

Europe: Name is derived from Greek and means noble. First used by Antigonus I Monophthalmus, a Macedonian king who reigned from 229 to 187 B.C.

Africa: Name is derived from Arabic and means son of Omar. First used by Osman ibn Abi Waqqas, a Moorish general and politician who fought for the Abbasid Caliphate against the Byzantine Empire in 1031.

Asia: Name is derived from Latin word Asia which means east. First used by Phoenician sailor Cosmas Indiculus who sailed along the eastern coast of India around 550 A.D.

Australia: Name is an English derivative of the first name Ascanio which was adopted by Europeans when searching for names containing the word "Ascension".

How did Srirangam get its name?

Srirangpatna was known as Srirangapuri in the early days. It was then given the name Srirangapatna. Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam is located on an island encircled by the Cauvery River...

Ranganathaswamy Temple Thiruvarangam
Location in Tamil Nadu Show map of India Show map of Tamil Nadu Show all

How did the city of Srinagar get its name?

Srinagar derives its name from two Sanskrit words: "Sri," which means "wealth," and "Nagar," which means "city." Prehistoric people called Srinagar "Siri-nagar," which was a localized version of "Surya-nagar," meaning City of the Sun. This city, originally known as Parvasenpur, was built by King Pravarasena II 2000 years ago. The new city was designed to be completely defensible against attack.

When Kashmir became part of India in 1947, most Indians saw no reason to change the name of the city where they had no interest. But one Indian-American named Dr. Rajendra Chawla wanted to put his family on equal footing with other American families so they could go to the same school districts and buy homes near each other. Dr. Chawla also believed that since Kashmir was such a beautiful place, it should be open to all tourists. So he wrote to the government of India asking them to change the name of the city to something more English-sounding so Americans would feel more comfortable visiting.

In 1957, after Dr. Chawla's death, his wife Savitri accepted an invitation to give a speech at the United Nations. In her speech, she argued that since most Kashmiris were poor farmers who knew nothing about tourism, it wasn't fair for the state to keep all its profits. The government agreed and changed the name of the city to Srinagar.

Since then, many tourists have visited Srinagar and some have even bought property here.

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