How many people are named Claudine?

How many people are named Claudine?

Since 1880, there have been 9,250 females called Claudine in the United States, according to records. The name Claudine was given to the most individuals in the United States in 1970, when 442 people were given the name. This number represents 2% of all girls born in that year.

Claudine is an English derivative of Claudia, which in turn is a Latin form of Katherine, or Christina. Thus, "Claudine" would mean "daughter of Claudia." The feminine form of the name is Claudia.

There are several theories about how the name became popular in the United States. One theory is that it was introduced by Puritan settlers as a derivative of Katherine, after one of their leaders. Another theory is that it was used by Dutch immigrants as a short form of Catharina. Yet another theory is that it was used by French Canadians as a diminutive of Catherine, or Christine.

In France, the name has been popular since the early 20th century. It usually is used in combination with other names, such as Claudette for a girl named Claudine.

The name has been used extensively by publishers to create books for children. These publications are called "Claudine Books."

There is also a television series called "Claudine," which first aired in 2007.

How many people have the name Clarice?

There are 8.57 Clarices for every 100,000 Americans. 99 percent of the time, this name is used as a first name. The projected population of persons called Clarice is 12,094 based on an examination of 100 years of data from the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Baby Names database.

Clarice means "clear vision." This popular female given name was invented in 1909 by New York publisher Henry Holt and is derived from a character in George Harvey Brown's novel John Randolph. It may also be used as a surname.

There are many things that could cause a rise or fall in the number of people with a given name. For example, if more boys were to take the name at birth than girls, the name would become less common. Also, names that once were popular but are now obsolete may experience a drop in usage numbers. Clarice was among the top 1000 names for females born in 2009.

People are always mispronouncing and altering the spelling of names. Thus, one person's interpretation of how someone else spells a name may very well differ from how another person spells it. This is particularly true of foreign names which may be spelled differently abroad than they are here in America. For example, "Clarice" was the most commonly used name among American women in 2009 according to the SSA. However, "Klarice" was listed as the 9th most common name for females born in America that year.

How many people named Charlene are there in the world?

Since 1880, 129,822 females in the United States have been given the name Charlene, according to records. The name Charlene was given to the most individuals in the United States in 1952, when 3,543 people were given the name. Those individuals are now 68 years old. On average, there are about 689 people named Charlene living in the United States today.

There is no single source for identifying all instances of the use of names. Data on names are recorded by various agencies including customs officers, health officials, and others. Each time a name is recorded as given or taken into custody, it is entered into a national database called the Social Security Administration (SSA) Master Death Index (SDI). The SDI is derived from information submitted by state death certificates and other sources such as obituaries and newspapers.

The number of deaths per year among persons given the same first name and last name indicates how common these names are. For example, if 100 males with this combination of names died in an accident, this would suggest that the name "Charlene" is rare. Conversely, if only one person with this name died, this would indicate that the name is very common.

Names become more common as they are adopted by others or disappear due to death or marriage. A name may also become less common if it is found out that someone born with this name is likely to be diagnosed with a disability or disease.

How many people in the world are named Aleena?

Here are some facts regarding the girl's name Aleena: Since 1880, 3,973 females in the United States have been given the name Aleena, according to records. The name Aleena was given to the most individuals in the United States in 2012, when 582 people were given the name. It was given to the second most individuals in 2008 with 603 names. The name Aleena is used across all age groups and has many variations including Alice, Allie, Alana, and Ally.

There is also a boy's name of the same origin: Alejandro. This name was given to at least 67 children in the United States between 1980-1999.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are currently about 730 people in the United States with the first name Aleena. Of these individuals, most (57%) are white, followed by black or African American (16%), Hispanic or Latino (12%), Asian (5%), and other (5%).

The largest populations of people with the first name Aleena are found in California, Texas, and Florida.

In terms of countries, Mexico is the most common country of birth for people with the first name Aleena. These individuals are usually born in California, Texas, or Florida.

People with the first name Aleena are most likely to be born in California or Texas.

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