How many people have the last name Jewell?

How many people have the last name Jewell?

JEWEL is the 1125th most prevalent given name in the United States, with a population of 28,087 people. There are 8.81 Jewells for every 100,000 Americans. 96 percent of the time, this name is used as a first name.

This name was originally written JEHU but later became JEWEL through spelling reform by William Miller (1794-1849). This name has been popular among Christians and Jews alike since its introduction in 1816.

Jewel is an English form of Yvain, which in turn comes from the Welsh name Iago, which means "fire." The early medieval writer Gildas used Iaualu to refer to the Anglo-Saxons.

Iago came into use after the Roman emperor Constantine moved the capital of his empire from Rome to Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). As part of their new culture, they adopted some of the native customs, including using the name Iago for a boy.

There are other names that begin with Iao or Iah available in the English language. These include Iain, Ian, Eoghan, and Hayden.

Famously, Saint Iagoda, one of the twelve Apostles of Russia, was born around 1250.

How common is the last name Jewell?

How Popular Is the Surname Jewell? Jewell is the 13,195th most common last name in the world, with around 1 in 171,702 individuals bearing it. This surname is mostly prevalent in the Americas, where 74% of Jewells live; 74% live in North America, and 74% live in Anglo-North America. The next largest population of Jewsels are found in Australia, where 6% of people with this last name live.

Jewel (or Jewel) is a popular given name among women. Around the world, there are more than one million people with the first name Jewel. In the United States, it is the 1466th most popular name for girls born in 2001.

Jewel (or Jeane) is also a popular nickname among women, especially celebrities' names. It was used to name girls after the diamond or gemstone called a jewel. The first recorded use of this female nickname was in 1849. Hollywood actress Jewel Reed (1907-1981) was born Jeane Delano Reed. Singer Jewel was born Jenean Delaney Smith. Actress Jewel Barney (1911-1990) was born Jean Delaney.

Jewel is also a unisex given name that may be used by males or females. It comes from the Hebrew word meaning "precious stone." The name was popular among Christians in the 15th century when it was adopted by John Jewel, an English clergyman.

How many people have the first name Stone?

With an estimated population of 836, Stone is the 9935th most prevalent given name in the United States. This name is in the 96th percentile, meaning that approximately 4% of all first names are more popular. For every 100,000 Americans, there are 0.26 persons called Stone. The most common variant spellings are STONE and SWAN.

Stone is a masculine name. Stones are used to build houses and monuments. Men with this name are often leaders who use their influence for good. They are commonly associated with the body, the mind, and the spirit. These individuals usually have great knowledge and understanding of many different topics.

Swanson is a variant form of the name Stone. People with this name include:

Stone was the most common name of both boys and girls in 1880. In 1930, it was replaced as the most common name for girls by another German name: Greta.

Greta is the favored name of girls today. It originates from the Norse word for "green," which describes these children because of their green eyes. Before 1930, there were no other names chosen by so many people.

The most unusual fact about Stone is that it has been chosen as a first name by more women than men. In 1980, it was selected by about 14% of all parents as a first name for their child.

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