Is Moncada a common last name?

Is Moncada a common last name?

How widespread is the surname Moncada? It is the 4,232nd most common last name in the world, with around one in every 54,884 individuals bearing it. The surname Moncada is most common in the Americas, where 91 percent of Moncadas live; 52 percent live in South America, and 37 percent live in Caribbean South America. Around 1 percent of Europeans also carry the name.

Moncada is a Spanish surname that originates from the town of Montecada in Cantabria, Spain. Other countries where the name is found include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela.

The surname Moncada is derived from a place name that means "monk's hill." The first Moncadas were monks who lived around 800 AD in the region of Cantabria, in northern Spain. They are believed to have been members of a religious order known as the Benedictines.

The name Moncada is made up of two elements: mon- (meaning "one who belongs to") and cada ("every day"). Thus, "one who belongs to every day" or "daily person."

There are different ways to write this name in English.

Is Torres a common Mexican last name?

According to Forebears surname distribution statistics, it is most frequent in Mexico and has the highest density in Puerto Rico, where it is the third most common surname. It is also popular in the United States, where it was originally published as a given name. There are about 50 people in the US with the first name Torres alone.

On the other hand, it is an extremely rare name overall, with only 6 individuals named Torres who were born during the years 1884-1914 registered in the US Census. On top of that, there are another 53 Americans with the first name Anthony or Andrew but without any relation to this surname.

Thus, Torres is not a common American surname nor a common Mexican surname. It's more prevalent in Puerto Rico where it is among the top 10 most common names.

How many people in the world have the name Reyna?

On a worldwide scale, this is the 3,152nd most frequent family name, with around one in every 40,821 persons bearing it. The surname Reyna is most common in the Americas, where 98 percent of Reynas are found; 74% are found in North America and 54% are found in Hispano-North America. Europe has 23% of the world's Reynas, mostly in Spain and Mexico.

The 1,636th most frequent name is Reynolds. It is more common than Reyna among families with American roots.

Reyna is derived from Roman mythology. According to legend, Reyna was the daughter of Mars, the god of war. When her father went to fight Aeneas, the son of Venus and Mercury, she followed him out of love for him. However, when her father was about to be killed by Aeneas, she begged him not to go back to war because she did not want to see anyone hurt. Her request was heard by Mars, who was willing to grant any wish she might have so long as she stayed behind him. Thus, Reyna became the goddess of marriage.

In English-speaking countries, Reyna is the 784th most popular female given name. In the United States, it was originally used as an English form of Maria, which is why some sources list it as a male name. However, it is now used as a unique name in itself.

Is Coronado a common last name?

What Is the Popularity of the Surname Coronado? This surname is the 2,263rd most prevalent surname on the planet. It is possessed by around one in every 30,050 persons. Only about 1% of the population of the world shares this surname.

The Coronado family name was originally derived from a town in Spain. The name comes from an Arabic word for crown. Thus, it was originally used to describe someone who had been crowned king or queen.

Coronado was introduced to North America by Spanish explorers. The first recorded instance of the name being used here is 1510. Because there were several people with the same name at that time, it can be difficult to track down which version of the story belongs to which person. However, what is not disputed is that the first known bearer of the name was Hernan Cortes, who visited the area now known as Mexico while looking for a passage to Asia. He was accompanied by his cousin Francisco de Montejo, who later took the name Coronado after the town where they had their encounter.

What does the name Moncada mean?

The Spanish surname Moncada has a somewhat mythological background, beginning with Hunno Velipho, a descendant of the German king Hercules who lived in the year 400 A.D. He established the "Castillo de Monte Catalan" near Barcelona. This castle is known as the "casa solar," or ancestral castle...

Moncada is the name of a large village in the comarca (county) of Vallès Oriental, Catalonia, Spain. The origin of the family name is medieval, derived from monça, which means "nut." The first record of the name appears in a document dating back to 1042 when Ramon I Moncade surrendered his property rights for the benefit of the church of Saint Peter.

Over the course about 1 million people carry this name worldwide, making it one of the most common names in the world. In the United States, it is ranked #78. In Canada, it is ranked #11. In Australia, it is ranked #16.

In Spain, the name Moncada is listed as the 7th most common name of all time.

The combination of "mon" and "cad" means "one who stands alone" or "isolated person." Thus, the name Montcada can be translated as "the single nut" or "the isolated nut."

How many people have the last name Plata?

How Popular is the surname Plata? The surname Plata is the 7,817th most common in the world. It affects around one in every 100,163 people.

The frequency of the Plata surname within Spain is 1:9,542. It is most common in Madrid (where it is 1:3,061) and Valencia (1:10,000).

In Mexico, the frequency of the Plata surname is 1:11,109. It is most common in Guerrero (1:5,719) and Oaxaca (1:5,694).

In Argentina, the frequency of the Plata surname is 1:12,989. It is most common in Buenos Aires (1:6,085) and La Pampa (1:6,074).

In Chile, the frequency of the Plata surname is 1:14,985. It is most common in Valparaíso (1:7,597) and San Antonio (1:7,576).

In Peru, the frequency of the Plata surname is 1:16,984. It is most common in Lima (1:8,277) and Piura (1:8,264).

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