Is there a free version of Ancestry?

Is there a free version of Ancestry?

Ancestry's free accounts are referred to as "Registered Guest accounts." There is no need to deactivate registered visitor accounts because they are free; you will never be charged for a registered guest account. However, once you have explored the site enough to determine that you would like to purchase a subscription, you can do so by clicking on the $14.99/month or $119.88/year button on the homepage.

In addition to being free to use, the site also offers smaller scale projects such as finding names in your database and creating new search filters for specific areas of interest. These projects are called "Projects" and require a payment of $19.99 per project. Projects can not be completed using the free toolset and must be done with the full feature set at your disposal when you have paid your monthly or yearly fee.

Finally, Ancestry has also announced plans to release a mobile app sometime this year. The app is expected to cover the major genealogy topics including Find A Grave, DNA, Community, Library, and Archives. It is also possible that some free features may be made available exclusively to app users.

In conclusion, yes, there is a free version of It is called Registered Guest and it is only good for exploring the site until you decide to pay the monthly fee of $14.

Why can’t I cancel my ancestry account?

If there is no Cancel membership link on your Account settings page, your account does not have a membership. You probably have another Ancestry account if you're being charged for a membership. Sign out of your current account and sign back in with a different email address. The team will send an email to that address explaining how to cancel it.

How hard is it to cancel

Select Your Account by clicking your name or login in the top-right corner of Ancestry. Click Cancel membership in the Your Membership area and follow the cancellation instructions. You can cancel your account at any time by visiting the Select Your Account page.

How do I get a free ancestry account?

Making a Free (r) Account

  1. Click here.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and email address.
  3. Create a password and re-enter the same password in the Confirm Password field.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Enjoy your Ancestry account!

Can my wife share my ancestry account?

Your friends and relatives will require an Ancestry (r) account to view a family tree that you have shared with them. If they don't already have one, they may sign up for a free guest account. At any moment, you may adjust or cancel the degree of access you offer to your tree.

However, if you want everyone who views your tree to be able to edit it, then they will need to create an account for themselves. Only you can do this; neither your wife nor anyone else can do it for you.

Ancestry allows married users to create separate trees for each spouse. These trees can be viewed separately or together in a single list. You must log into each tree using the same Ancestry username to see which ones you have created.

If you want your wife to be able to view but not edit your tree, she can create a guest account. She can then download a copy of your tree file and view it offline, but she cannot make any changes to it without logging in first.

You should also know that all photos, documents, and other media filed under a person's name in their vault are only visible to the owner of that content. So if you include photos from one partner's home directory in another's vault, only those people will be able to view them.

Can you remove yourself from your ancestry? is a genealogical website that publishes personal information on the internet. To unsubscribe from Ancestry, go through their online opt-out process and confirm your request by email. Your account will be promptly terminated. Note that even after terminating your account, information that you have posted may remain viewable by other users.

Can I put my account on hold?

Putting your subscription on hold Account Settings may be accessed by clicking here or by clicking your name or login from any page on Ancestry (r). Sign in if prompted. Click Cancel membership in the Membership section. Your account will be placed on pause, which means you will still be charged but new searches will not be processed until your membership is reinstated.

How can I get cheaper?

Purchasing a short-term Ancestry subscription is a frequent way for many genealogists to save money. Instead of joining up for a year, go for a six-month subscription. Once the subscription has ended, take a break and then visit other websites for research. This will help you avoid paying more than necessary for access to important data.

If you decide to subscribe for a long period, remember that discounts are available if you sign up in advance. Also, check with your employer to see if they offer any employee benefits. These may include discounted subscriptions or even free trials of services such as's Website 5th Anniversary Free Trial.

Finally, consider combining your subscription with another service, such as The two companies work together to provide comprehensive searches of records from both sites. In return, you'll receive a 10% discount off your annual subscription price.

You can learn more about purchasing a subscription on our subscription page.

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