What do bad children get for Christmas?

What do bad children get for Christmas?

Santa Claus comes down chimneys... seeking for something to offer the naughty youngster. So he looks about, takes up a lump of coal, and stuffs it into the kid's stocking," Horrigan explained. The third hypothesis comes from Italy, where naughty kids were given coal and good kids were given nuts and fruit.

Nowadays, technology has taken over from gifts as a means of communication with children. In fact, most parents know what their kids want before they even ask for it. The use of smartphones and tablets has increased the ability of parents to keep in touch with their children at all times of the day. For example, studies have shown that more than half of parents check their phones within an hour of putting them away. This means that if your child asks for something on Christmas Day, there's a good chance that you'll be able to give them an answer.

You may wonder why children are not satisfied with the gifts that their parents give them. Some researchers believe that this is because kids today expect more than what their parents can afford or think of. They want new toys that will help them play together when money is limited or the idea of giving everyone a gift isn't feasible. These children will eventually grow out of this phase and start wanting real presents, like cars and trips, instead.

Some children may still want toys instead of gifts, but they should not be disappointed if they don't get everything they asked for.

What does Santa give you when you're bad?

But why does Santa throw coal to youngsters who have been bad? Santa Claus descends chimneys... and he's looking for something to offer the naughty youngster.

Santa gives you coal because coal is hard and solid like rock, which is what you need when trying to burn something that will get you into heaven. But don't worry, he won't actually eat the coal - he just wants to see how much pain your toe nails can take before they fall off. Then you'll be able to go home and see your family again.

Also remember to stop being naughty or else you won't get any Christmas presents this year!

What does Santa do with bad children?

Why Does Santa Claus Give Coal to Misbehaving Children? The custom of delivering unruly children lumps of fossil fuel predates Santa and is also related with St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas, and La Befana in Italy.

Santa delivers coal because kids who are good eat it all up. When they are naughty, they leave some for next year. This way, they learn that misbehavior has its consequences. Giving kids coal also has another purpose: sterilizing them. In ancient times, people believed that eating coal would make you sick and unable to have babies. By not feeding your child coal, you're helping them grow up to be happy and healthy adults.

What does Santa do with good children?

Good kids get cookies. Actually, there are two types of cookies: first, sugar cookies which are easy to bake and usually contain wheat flour, eggs, and sugar; second, chocolate chip cookies which are more difficult to make but very popular among children of all ages.

The reason good kids get cookies is the same as for coal: it's about learning consequences. If kids are nice to Santa, they will enjoy cookies and sugar treats all year long. Also, giving cookies makes them feel special because Santa knows each child's name.

Do bad kids get coal from Santa?

His presents, like Sinterklaas', are customarily placed into shoes while sitting by the fire.

Santa first appeared in a Dutch newspaper article written by P.C. Hooft in 1822. In this story, Mr. Holland complains about his son's behavior around the house and asks Saint Nicholas if he can give him something to make him behave. Saint Nicholas agrees to help and delivers food and gifts to all the good boys and girls. When he reaches out for the boy who has been naughty, however, the child suddenly becomes aggressive and pushes away the saintly figure. Disappointed by this response, Nicholas decides not to deliver any more gifts that year and goes back home. A few months later, Mr. Holland writes again to ask if Nicholas will bring him some more donations since his family still needs clothes and food. This time, Nicholas agrees to come back to Holland after all the children have been good for at least a month.

In another version of the story, told by Guido van der Staveren in his book De Zwarte Pieten (The Black Dwarfs), Nicholas does not go back home after refusing to take care of the bad child. Instead, he stays with the boy until he changes his ways and then releases him.

What do bad boys get for Christmas?

Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus would send coal to the wicked kids? The practice of delivering unruly children lumps of fossil fuel predates Santa and is related with St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas, and Italy's la Befana. Santa sends lump of coal to good girls and boys, who have been naughty, so that they will not be tempted by riches or toys.

Coal has been used since ancient times for heat and light. In the 19th century, it became one of the main sources of energy worldwide. But today we know that burning coal produces carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases, and soil degradation. The use of coal as a source of energy should be reduced as much as possible to prevent environmental damage.

So if you are a bad boy or girl, Santa may send you a lump of coal this Christmas. That just means you have been very, very bad!

By the way, girls don't get boys gifts at Christmas. It's an idea that came from a French writer called Charles Dickens in 1843. He thought that giving such things as wristwatches to young people was too mature for kids' parties!

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