Why is it OK to cry in front of your kids?

Why is it OK to cry in front of your kids?

Experiencing collective mourning with their parents conveys to youngsters that their pain is natural and teaches them how to deal better. She went on to say that when children watch their parents weep, it humanizes them in their eyes and teaches youngsters that grownups are impacted by sad things, which is absolutely normal.

The reason why it's acceptable for adults to cry in front of children is because it shows that sadness is a natural part of life. This allows children to understand that feelings are strong and that there are times when we need to let out our emotions. It also teaches them that they should never cause someone else pain by laughing at their tears or making fun of their moods.

Children may not understand the meaning of certain words like "grief" or "loss", but they will understand if you show them through actions. If you are crying because you lost your pet, your children will learn from you that sadness is normal when someone you love leaves you. They will also learn that letting go of your pet is necessary so that another animal can be loved instead.

Crying helps get rid of negative feelings such as anger or frustration. These emotions don't do anyone any good so it's important that you release them somehow. Tears are the best solution since they don't cause harm to others or ourselves.

Is it OK for my child to see me cry?

According to board-certified licensed professional counselor Tammy Lewis Wilborn, it can be good for a child to watch a parent or caregiver weep in reaction to a certain incident or scenario since it shows children that it's OK to express their feelings. She also said that if you as a parent do not show your emotions, then your child will learn that the only way to get attention is by being aggressive or doing something else wrong.

Tammy added that although it may seem like a negative thing, crying is actually very healthy for a person. It gets rid of stress and helps her or him relax. Also, it communicates important information about how you are feeling to others.

Therefore, it is normal for a child to see his or her parent cry from time to time. But if your child sees you cry frequently, or if he or she notices that you aren't able to control yourself around certain situations, then this might be a sign that there is something wrong.

You should take these incidents seriously because if you are unable to cope with the things that make you cry then you could be in danger of suffering from emotional trauma that could have long-term effects on your child.

So the next time you see your child watching you cry, don't hesitate to tell him or her what you're going through.

Is it bad for kids to see crying?

"You should certainly let your children see you weep," Cherie R. advises. "It demonstrates to them that you are human, that life is difficult, and that you can feel awful and work through it."

Crying helps release the tension of pain feelings and gives them a chance to breathe. It also shows your children that you care about their feelings.

If they get scared or upset by your tears, then don't force yourself to stop. Just take deep breaths and relax.

Kids who see their parents cry often learn how to deal with their own emotions in a healthy way.

The best thing you can do for your kids is to be honest and open with them. Let them know how you feel about something and talk things over with them if there's anything upsetting they might see or hear.

So yes, it is bad for kids to see crying, but only if you hide your feelings from them. If you are able to talk about what you're feeling and express yourself then your kids will understand why you were sad or angry.

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